Eleonora – 55 en

Eleonora – 55

Hello, I approach this discipline at the suggestion of a friend who has taken a course. For several months now I have had an erotic block in all its forms (just as if eroticism no longer inhabited me). In your opinion, could it be a somatization following a violent abandonment of love? And could you unlock it with a massage and if so which one please? Thanks in advance and a cordial greeting, Eleonora

Good evening Eleonora, certainly the end of a love story, especially if following a violent love abandonment, it will have greatly influenced the erotic charge and the desire to let go in a new love story. Tantra is a possible way to go, in particular, it acts on the energy field, eliminating possible blockages; what we recommend before starting a path of one or more treatments, having a Sex Therapy session, so as to identify exactly the nature of the problem, and together with the therapist choose the best way to go to solve her problem.
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Fabio – 29 en

Fabio – 29

Hello, I would like to ask if the couple modules of the path “THE PLEASURE OF FEELING …” take place in nudity or not. Thank you

Good morning Fabio, yes the modules of the “Pleasure of Feeling” are carried out in nudity and with the sarong, obviously in a soft light environment, so as to create the right intimacy for the couple’s journey.
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Angela – 32 en

Angela – 32
Hi, I have seen the tantra reiki among massages, could you explain better how it works? Thank you

Good morning Angela, the Tantra Reiki massage, is a treatment that combines two holistic techniques, that of Reiki, and that of Tantra. The treatment is performed on futons, in nudity as in the tantric tradition, and is divided into two parts, in the first part the Reiki technique will be used to rebalance all 7 Chakras, and subsequently a tantric massage is performed, for the reactivation of the Kundalini.
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Fabio – 56 en

Fabio – 56

Good evening Sex Academy, I’m Fabio, always fond of female feet. I have seen that among the practices you offer for BDSM sessions there is also trampling. I would like to try it barefoot on the face, but I am worried about possible dangers. Is it a safe practice, or are there elements of risk? Do you have to turn your head and step on it to the side or can you stand with your head straight and get both feet on the face? Also on my part, thanks to everyone and congratulations for the forum.

Hello Fabio, as you explained in the question in the Forum, Trampling is a BDSM practice that consists of walking or simply placing your feet with more or less pressure on the person (the slave) lying on the ground. Obviously like all BDSM practices, the fundamental rule is always the same “SSC” Healthy Safe and Conscious; specifically when trampling on the face, the Mistress will use one foot at a time so that she can dose the pressure and maintain balance, or she can use both feet, in this case the Mistress will use a chair to sit so she can perform practice on the face. During practice you can keep your face straight or turned to the side, this depends solely on the slave.
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Barbara – 49 en

Barbara – 49

Hi, I would like to do one of your massages, but I am ashamed to think that I am immediately all naked and then to have my genitals touch me. With which massage can I start to overcome this block? I’d like to involve my husband in one of your massages too, but I’m jealous and I don’t know which one to do. Thanks for the reply

Hello Barbara, in our holistic studio we also carry out traditional treatments, such as the Californian massage, the Swedish or Ayurvedic massage, these are treatments that are performed in disposable briefs and there is no contact with the genitals; if instead you want to experiment with a tantric massage, we definitely recommend the Tantra Kundalini massage, in this case the massage begins with a ritual of tantric breathing, cleaning the Aura and rebalancing the Chakras, which is carried out in a pareo, to prepare the person gradually to receive the treatment. Regarding a couple massage to also involve your husband, we always recommend the same treatment, in this case, you can experience the massage first alone, and then make it in pairs.
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Fabrizio – 44

Fabrizio – 44

Good evening and sorry in advance if the question may seem bizarre. For a long time I have had the desire to share my wife with another man, the fantasy in bed of a third party excites her very much too but then the relationship disappears everything. I believe a sensual massage can bring fantasy to reality but my wife I am sure would never accept this type of treatment out of modesty and shame. Do you think it is possible to carry out a massage of this type, making them believe that it is a normal treatment? Thank you

Good morning Fabrizio, the erotic fantasy you described is very common in consolidated couples, the idea and desire to insert a third person (man or woman) in sexual intercourse is a way like many others to rekindle erotic desire in a relationship that often over time it tends to fade. Reigniting the sexual flame is fundamental in a couple, so that the relationship is lasting and strong over time; obviously having a threesome, if you are not psychologically ready, you can get the opposite result. In our center we have studied a massage for couples who want to approach this erotic fantasy, in a very soft way, then introducing an erotic massage in the couple, where the partner can watch the whole treatment, comfortably seated on an armchair, with curtains that divide the two environments; I refer to the Voyeur massage, a massage that is designed to stimulate the erotic fantasy of both the recipient and the observer, without any kind of sexual intercourse. Before starting a massage, it is explained in detail how it takes place, to avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings, because those who receive a treatment must know and be aware of the type of massage they will receive.
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Alessandro – 33

Alessandro – 33

Hi, I am visiting your site and your forum. I congratulate you for your attention to the human being and for the treatment of some authentic issues concerning him, alas now censored by society, especially in Italy. A more basic curiosity that comes to me is whether it can happen to orgasm during your massages or if it is induced in some. Thank you

Hello Alessandro, in Tantra orgasm is not the purpose of the massage as is often believed, but during a tantric session the Kundalini is reactivated, i.e. the primary energy, the sexual energy that starts from the 1st chakra and goes up to the 7th one of the crown, for this reason during the treatment all the chakras are rebalanced, eliminating possible blockages, and making the energy flow freely; during the reactivation the person can also reach orgasm, which in this case is a liberating orgasm, of pure energy, a bit like with crying during a psychological therapy, the orgasm is used to release the latent energy that is accumulates in our body.
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Betta- 40

Betta – 40
Good evening I wanted information on couple tantra massage more specifically exactly once the massage has been performed by the operators, can the couple remain alone to continue the massage and exchange effusions?

Hello Betta, at the end of each treatment, we always leave customers in the room to rest and enjoy a moment of relaxation, indeed it is not advisable to get up immediately after a tantric massage session, because the energy we are going to move is very strong, and c ‘it takes some time for the body and mind to find the right balance by going from the trance state that is found during the massage.

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Chiara 42 en

Chiara – 42
Hi, I wanted to know if nudity and erotic stimulation are also planned for the Californian massage.

Good morning Chiara, the Californian massage, like the Swedish one, is performed on a massage table, the person who will receive the treatment will wear disposable panties, in this type of massage there is no Yoni massage, as in Tantra or erotic massages.
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Francesco 31 en

Francesco – 31
Hi, I’d like to know if you can do a tantra massage in the same room with my partner who is massaged by the man and I by the woman. If so, could I know the cost? Thanks in advance

Good morning Francesco, all the couple massages are performed by a masseur and a masseuse, and are made in the same room, on the futon next to each other. Regarding the costs of the treatments, that varies according to the type, on the Massages section of our website you will find the list of all our couples massages with the description, duration and relative costs. Thank you
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