When problems of a sexual nature arise in everyday life, such as decreased desire, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, anorgasmia, or couple management problems, it is difficult to know which path to take to find a solution, very often these problems are underestimated and are likely to increase over time, inevitably leading to the breakdown of a couple’s relationship or psychological problems. Each individual is different from another, and sexual dysfunctions are different in each person; there is no standard path to follow to solve problems, some methods may be more suitable and effective in an individual, and in other people exactly the opposite effect can be achieved.

In our Academy we employ different professional figures, each specialized in a particular field, in particular the Sex Therapy sessions are carried out by a Sex Coach.

Who is the Sex Coach?

The Sex Coach is a professional figure, better known abroad than in Italy, but lately it is also making itself known in our country, thanks to various training courses offered by Coaching and Sexology schools. The Sex Coach is a professional expert in Coaching techniques, who uses various tools such as NLP, GESTALT, and Holistic Disciplines to carry out Coaching sessions in the sexological sphere, obviously he has extensive training in sexology, psycho-sexology and sex education. In Italy it is the law n ° 4/2013 which regulates this professional figure.

How does the Sex Coach work?

In Italy the figure of the Sexologist is not recognized, there is no university specialization to become sexologists, and consequently there is no professional register for sexologists. The sexologist is an expert in sexology who has developed a specific course of study, but framed in different professional figures, such as:

Sexologist doctor: he is a professional graduate in medicine and surgery, with a specialization in the sexological field, such as the gynecologist, the Andrologist or the Urologist, who in his work deals with problems of the sexual sphere from a medical point of view, dealing mainly with dysfunctions of an organic nature.

Sexologist psychologist: he is a professional graduated in psychology, with a specialization in the field of sexology, which deals mainly with addressing pathologies of a psychological nature related to the sexual sphere.

Sex Coach: is a professional who has a degree in various fields and who subsequently specialized in sexology, through various courses of study, such as sexual and couple coaching, psycho-sexologist and sexual educator. He mainly deals with training and sex education, relationship management, and all those sexual disorders, which do not present problems of an organic nature, which are the responsibility of the medical specialist.

Specifically what does a Sex Coach do?

The Sex Coach operates mainly on three main themes, the first concerns education and sexual training, in practice it deals with transmitting all the knowledge in the sexological field to improve the sexual life of the individual or couple; the second concerns the couple’s psycho-sexology, that is, it puts into practice a series of tools so that the emotional and sexual relationship within a couple can evolve, improving the understanding between the partners; the third issue concerns sexual disorders and paraphilias, the discomforts that are created in sexuality due to sexual dysfunctions that are more often than not of an organic nature, but rather concern the psychological and educational aspect of the individual, are increasingly widespread.

Sexual Education and Training:

  • Knowledge of one’s own body and that of the partner, erogenous and genital areas.
  • Male and female sexual pleasure.
  • The male and female orgasmic response.
  • Real sexuality, false myths of pornography.
  • Genital massage: Yoni and Lingam.
  • Oral sex: Fellatio and Cunnilingus.
  • Sexual positions, anal sex and sex toys.
  • Contraceptive methods and STD (sexually transmitted diseases).
  • Sexuality denied to the disabled.

Couple psychoanalysis:

  • Communicative psychology and couple training.
  • The couple’s life cycle, how sexuality changes over the years.
  • Types of couple: monogamous couple, open couple, polyamory.
  • Role-playing games for the couple, how to keep the couple alive.
  • Erotic desires and transgressions in the couple.
  • From lovers to parents, how sexuality changes after a child.
  • How to communicate and educate their children about sexuality.
  • Couple crisis: how to intervene before the relationship breaks.

Sexual dysfunction:

  • Premature and delayed ejaculation.
  • Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Anorgasmia.
  • Vaginismus and Dyspareunia.
  • Low libido.

Duration of session: 60 min.

Contribution for session: € 50,00

The Sex Therapy are performed in Italian

Sex Therapy can be performed both individually and in pairs, the cost of the session does not change. For those who do not have the possibility to do the sessions in our center of Rome, it is possible to carry out sessions in Video Chat via Skype.

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