We are an association of professionals with different specializations in the field of sexology, holistic disciplines, tantra, but also enthusiasts of photography, art and erotic narrative. We make a wide variety of themed courses and seminars that can be done in pairs, individually or in groups, with the aim of educating, training and increasing knowledge of our sexuality and that of our partner; But also in extending our social and cultural network, making new friends, spending an evening or a themed weekend, where to meet new people, exchange views and views, a place where we can really feel open and free to talk And share our sexual life without any prejudice, and away from taboos.

We live in a society where we already teach small children to read, write, solve mathematical problems, how to deal with work challenges in a scientific and practical way, but no one teaches how to handle a couple relationship, how to deal with daily life With your partner, especially sexuality is a theme that is never addressed in families and schools, and very often our only reference point is pornography and the stories of our friends who create only confusion and false myths On our sexual life; Sometimes these gaps can turn into sexual dysfunction, such as anorgasmia, premature ejaculation, decreased desire or erectile dysfunction; Having proper knowledge of sexuality, making us more aware and mature about how to manage a couple relationship, makes us more free from those taboos that often prevent us from living a full-fledged sexual life.

The our Training:

  • Specialist in Sex Coaching – CCE (Continuing Coach Education).  Madrid
  • Coaching Sexual and couple – CCE (Continuing Coach Education).  Madrid
  • Psychological Sexuality – Anxiety and stress of the sexual sphere.  Milano
  • Premature ejaculation.  Milano
  • Erectile dysfunction – Prevention and care.  Milano
  • Prostate disorders.  Milano
  • Sexual and Couple Psychology.  Roma
  • Curanderismo traditional healing of the body.  New Mexico
  • Instant Hypnosis, Mesmerism and Fascination.  Roma
  • Principi di Coaching.  Roma
  • PNL (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  Torino
  • Counseling of couple.  Venezia
  • Sexuality & disability.  Milano
  • Relaxation and Training Autogeno.  Roma
  • Fetish & BDSM.  Praga
  • Cunnilingus – Dios del sexo oral.  Barcellona
  • Fellatio – Diosa del sexo oral.  Barcellona
  • Foot Fetish.  Barcellona
  • Tantra and orgasm type.  Barcellona
  • Sex Toys & Tuppersex.  Barcellona
  • Tantra Yoga.  Tenerife
  • Thai Tantra Massage – (Università popolare Atlantide 2000).  Torino
  • Tantra Massage – (Scuola Tantra ACSI-CONI).  Frosinone
  • Nuru & Soapy Massage (Scuola Tantra ACSI-CONI).  Frosinone
  • Erotic Massage (Scuola Tantra ACSI-CONI).  Frosinone
  • Hot Stone Massage Ayurvedico (Asia Darshana).  Roma
  • Swedish Massage (Istituto Scienze Umane).  Roma
  • Emotional Californian Massage (Diabasi).  Udine
  • Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi Nui (Diabasi).  Udine
  • Ayurvedic Massage (Atharva Veda).  Roma
  • Hindu massage of the head (Re Fresh).  Tenerife
  • Oriental plantar reflexology (Re Fresh).  Tenerife
  • Reiki Universal 1° 2°(Associazione Bienestar Tenerife). Tenerife
  • Reiki Usui 1° (La città della luce).  Roma
  • Pranic Healing (Accademia Pranic Healing Italia).  Roma
  • Aromatherapy.  Roma