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Eleonora – 55 en

Eleonora – 55

Hello, I approach this discipline at the suggestion of a friend who has taken a course. For several months now I have had an erotic block in all its forms (just as if eroticism no longer inhabited me). In your opinion, could it be a somatization following a violent abandonment of love? And could you unlock it with a massage and if so which one please? Thanks in advance and a cordial greeting, Eleonora

Good evening Eleonora, certainly the end of a love story, especially if following a violent love abandonment, it will have greatly influenced the erotic charge and the desire to let go in a new love story. Tantra is a possible way to go, in particular, it acts on the energy field, eliminating possible blockages; what we recommend before starting a path of one or more treatments, having a Sex Therapy session, so as to identify exactly the nature of the problem, and together with the therapist choose the best way to go to solve her problem.
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Fabio – 29 en

Fabio – 29

Hello, I would like to ask if the couple modules of the path “THE PLEASURE OF FEELING …” take place in nudity or not. Thank you

Good morning Fabio, yes the modules of the “Pleasure of Feeling” are carried out in nudity and with the sarong, obviously in a soft light environment, so as to create the right intimacy for the couple’s journey.
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Claudio – 56 en

Claudio – 56

Hello, I really believe in tantric sex and I would like to learn Kundalini and Yoni massage techniques to give my partner and myself a unique experience, I cannot physically attend one of your courses for reasons of distance, I wanted to ask you if you provided logically, paying a tutorial information to be able to learn these massage techniques?

Hello Claudio, thank you for writing on our Forum, many people like you are far from our studio in Rome, and find it difficult to participate in our courses and workshops, for this reason, we have created Video Courses, with which you can acquire correct massage techniques; in your specific case, you can find in the Video section of our Website, a Yoni Massage Video Course, which is a true professional guide, which will teach you everything you need to know about Yoni and all the maneuvers to correctly perform this type of massage.
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