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    Alessio – 33en

    Alessio – 33
    Hi since you seem very knowledgeable and precise in speaking I wanted to ask you how much does size really matter for a woman? Of course I am not talking about extremely small or large sizes for example mine about 14-15 cm can satisfy?

    Hello Alessio, the question you exposed is the same one that many men ask themselves every day, I will answer you first of all with statistical data, which see the European male population with the size of the penis in a state of erection on average 15 cm , a size that increases around 18 cm in the African population, and decreases around 12 cm in the Asian population, so your penis fits perfectly into the average of European men, taking into account that when we talk about micropenis, we refer to size in the state of erection under 5 cm. Regarding the sexual satisfaction of a woman, the issues to be addressed are many, and the size of the penis, except in the case of micropenis, does not matter much, but the knowledge of the female genitals and the most sensitive areas counts more, and therefore how stimulate them in the various positions that can be assumed during sexual intercourse.
    Alessandro-Sex Academy

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    Alessandro – 25en

    Alessandro – 25
    Hi, I wanted to know which massage is right to reactivate the sexual energy that I feel a little dull, and if you are open on Sunday. thanks

    Good morning Alessandro, the Tantra Kundalini massage is the most suitable treatment for reactivating latent sexual energy. Our center is open every day from 10.00 to 20.00
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    Olivia – 33en

    Olivia – 33
    Hello, I would like to know if among the massages you offer there is also one focused on squirting. I am single but I would like to know my body better and experience female ejaculation. Thank you

    Hello Olivia, squirting is often associated with female ejaculation or orgasm, in reality squirting is a completely natural phenomenon that occurs in the woman’s body when stimulated in the intimate parts, especially in the deep stimulation of the G-spot , which can also occur during the orgasmic phase, due to vaginal contractions, but not necessarily; the yoni massage in Tantra can also lead the woman to squirt, even if the most suitable treatment is the Bondage massage, which in the complete sequence includes a particular technique of genital stimulation to cause squirting.
    Alessandro-Sex Academy

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