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Laura 51

Laura – 51
Hello I wanted to know in which of your massages the yoni is included. Thank you

Hello Laura, the Yoni massage is always done in all women’s treatments.
Elisa-Sex Academy

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Andrea 35

Andrea – 35
Good evening, I would like to give a massage to my wife. I can see from your website that you can opt for a gift card or for a specific massage. What do you recommend? How will I receive the gift card? And above all, I don’t have a pay pal account, can I pay the same with a credit card? Thank you

Good evening Andrea, to be able to give a treatment, you can choose whether to buy a specific massage, or a value Gift Card. If you are sure of what kind of treatment you want to give, just go to our website, choose the treatment and proceed with the purchase by clicking on the “Buy or Give” button, in this case, being a gift, the system will ask you your purchase data will also ask you to enter the name and surname of the beneficiary; once the data entry procedure is completed, you can make the payment. Our system uses the secure platform for PayPal payments, so you can make the purchase either through a PayPal account if you have it, or by credit card, always using the PayPal platform, so as to guarantee maximum security in the purchase . Another procedure to be able to make a gift, is by purchasing a value Gift Card, in this case the person who will receive the gift, will have a Card value of the amount purchased that can be used in our center, taking advantage of all our services, such as treatments , courses, workshops, etc. The procedure for the purchase is similar, you will have to choose the value of the card to buy on our website, and proceed with data entry and payment. Once the purchase is made, you will receive the purchased card via e-mail. We remind you that whether you buy a Gift Card, or if you buy a specific treatment, you have time a year to use it.
Elisa-Sex Academy

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Francesco 31 en

Francesco – 31
Hi, I’d like to know if you can do a tantra massage in the same room with my partner who is massaged by the man and I by the woman. If so, could I know the cost? Thanks in advance

Good morning Francesco, all the couple massages are performed by a masseur and a masseuse, and are made in the same room, on the futon next to each other. Regarding the costs of the treatments, that varies according to the type, on the Massages section of our website you will find the list of all our couples massages with the description, duration and relative costs. Thank you
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