Eleonora – 55

Hello, I approach this discipline at the suggestion of a friend who has taken a course. For several months now I have had an erotic block in all its forms (just as if eroticism no longer inhabited me). In your opinion, could it be a somatization following a violent abandonment of love? And could you unlock it with a massage and if so which one please? Thanks in advance and a cordial greeting, Eleonora

Good evening Eleonora, certainly the end of a love story, especially if following a violent love abandonment, it will have greatly influenced the erotic charge and the desire to let go in a new love story. Tantra is a possible way to go, in particular, it acts on the energy field, eliminating possible blockages; what we recommend before starting a path of one or more treatments, having a Sex Therapy session, so as to identify exactly the nature of the problem, and together with the therapist choose the best way to go to solve her problem.
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