Fabrizio – 44

Good evening and sorry in advance if the question may seem bizarre. For a long time I have had the desire to share my wife with another man, the fantasy in bed of a third party excites her very much too but then the relationship disappears everything. I believe a sensual massage can bring fantasy to reality but my wife I am sure would never accept this type of treatment out of modesty and shame. Do you think it is possible to carry out a massage of this type, making them believe that it is a normal treatment? Thank you

Good morning Fabrizio, the erotic fantasy you described is very common in consolidated couples, the idea and desire to insert a third person (man or woman) in sexual intercourse is a way like many others to rekindle erotic desire in a relationship that often over time it tends to fade. Reigniting the sexual flame is fundamental in a couple, so that the relationship is lasting and strong over time; obviously having a threesome, if you are not psychologically ready, you can get the opposite result. In our center we have studied a massage for couples who want to approach this erotic fantasy, in a very soft way, then introducing an erotic massage in the couple, where the partner can watch the whole treatment, comfortably seated on an armchair, with curtains that divide the two environments; I refer to the Voyeur massage, a massage that is designed to stimulate the erotic fantasy of both the recipient and the observer, without any kind of sexual intercourse. Before starting a massage, it is explained in detail how it takes place, to avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings, because those who receive a treatment must know and be aware of the type of massage they will receive.
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