Carlo – 19
Hi to all the forum, my friends and I often talk about penis size, especially when we find ourselves in the locker room after a football game, and every time a competition is born to those who have it bigger; I have a question to ask you, which I believe affects all men: what is the normal size of a penis? Thank you.

Hello Carlo, in fact your question I think concerns all men, who like you have at least once had the so-called “locker room syndrome”. First of all, there are no normal penis sizes, but as with the anthropometric measurements of a man, we can only rely on world statistics, which obviously change depending on the country; a bit like the stature of a man, we know that in some countries men are much higher than others. As for the size of the penis, the countries where men have a more developed organ are in central Africa and in South America, followed by Latin countries like Italy and France, and at the end of the ranking the eastern countries, like China and India. In Italy the average size varies between 12 and 16 cm. in length in an erect penis, with an average circumference of 12 cm. Thank you for contacting us.
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