Alessandro – 40

Hi, I’m Alessandro, I am forty years old and for some time I have been generally attracted to the world of Tantra massage and, in particular, on your site I discovered the four-handed one, with a masseuse and a masseur. This is my first experience, so I would like to ask you questions before booking. Right here in the forum I read that Alessandro and Sara are a couple of exceptional masseurs, so I think a priori I would like to get a massage from them; Is it possible to request this preference at the time of booking? Then I would like to know even if, considering the fact that all three (both those who receive the massage and those who do the massage) are completely naked (so I thought I understood !?), is there excitement on the part of the masseurs? (basically I ask if the masseurs reach an orgasm during the massage?). Finally I would like to ask if, considering the contact of the naked bodies of the masseurs with the massaged one, the latter can touch the massagers’ bodies with his hands and what is the limit? Can the mouth also be used to explore the sense of taste? I hope I was clear in asking you my questions and I thank you from now on for your kind answers.

Hi Alessandro, thanks for writing to us on our Forum, many people like you are asking the same question about the Tantra massage, unfortunately today this word has been used and abused to mask sexual practices that have nothing to do with Tantric massage, many centers that are advertised on the web, offer in the window a choice of girls to attract a mainly male audience, where the customer can choose a masseuse based on their aesthetic tastes, and not on the basis of training and professionalism, all this diminishes the world of massages, and especially the world of Tantra; even in the world of pornography, we see many videos of how a massage is only the beginning of a sexual relationship. Tantra and Tantra massage is nothing like that; it is true, this type of treatment is carried out in complete nudity, not for erotic-sexual reasons, but in order not to create an energy barrier between those who receive the treatment and the masseurs; Tantra is a thousand-year practice and to become a Tantric masseur you need a long course of studies and a lot of work that starts first of all on yourself, during the Tantra massage the masseurs will also take care of re-balancing the client’s Chakras, so that in awakening the Kundalini, energy can flow harmoniously, when this happens, in the body of the person receiving the treatment there is an energetic rebirth, and just like when we are born, our body is devoid of clothes. During the treatment the client is lying on the futon with eyes closed, concentrating only on his own breath, abandoning himself in the hands of the masseurs, who will perform the Tantric ritual; there is no kind of interaction with the masseurs, nor of course any kind of sexual performance, the client to receive benefit from the Tantra massage must just relax and live the moment. The masseurs will not have any kind of excitement in practicing the treatment, indeed for its manual and energetic complexity they will be concentrated solely in performing the ritual, listening to the vibrations of the person receiving it. Tantra massage is a beautiful experience to experience, it is first of all a path of inner and personal growth, and you need to be prepared to receive this type of treatment. I hope that this answer can clarify what the Tantra massage really is, and on the work we do every day in our center, if you want to start this journey we will be happy to receive you and to start this journey together.
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