1. Information on the site
The following Terms and Conditions refer to the website: www.tantraroma.com

2. General Rules
By using the services on the www.tantraroma.com website, the reader is obliged to fully comply with the terms and conditions of use described below. If the reader disagrees with the Terms and Conditions specified or with a part of them, he must refrain from using the site and its services, reserves the right to modify, add or delete parts of these conditions, making them aware of the interested by publishing the changes on the site or by e-mail. Each reader is required to periodically check these conditions to make sure of any changes that occurred after the last consultation of the site. In any case, the use of the site and its services implies acceptance of changes that have occurred in the meantime. All services on the site are intended for our members already registered, and all the people who intend to register with our association to be able to use them. The association is open to everyone, women and men as long as they are adults.

3. How to buy
Select from the menu what you want to buy.
To finalize the purchase select “ADD TO CART”. After adding the service to the cart you can choose whether to continue shopping or access the cart.
On the cart page you will need to enter the required data before proceeding with the purchase.
Verify that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions, and click on “SEND ORDER”.
Finalize the purchase by entering the details of your credit card or PayPal.
After completing the purchase you will receive a copy of the order that will be printed and delivered to the reception in the email box, entered during registration. It is always advisable to check the junk mail folder (SPAM). The time of receipt of the mail depends on the receiver’s mail server.

4. Services (Sex Therapy – Massage – BDSM – Workshop)
Once you have purchased a service on www.tantraroma.com you will be contacted to make an appointment.
The purchase of a service can be used only once, until its expiry of 12 months from the date of purchase, Failure to respect the expiration date leads to the loss of the opportunity to use the service purchased.
You can cancel or change your reservation within 24 hours of the appointment. Failure to give notice or failure to arrive at the center will result in the renunciation of the service purchased, and can not be re-used for a subsequent appointment, or returned in cash.
If you arrive late at the appointment, the duration of the treatment or service will be reduced, based on the accumulated delay.
The purchased service has no monetary value, can not be converted into cash and can not be combined or combined with other services offered.
It is at the discretion of the association to fix the appointment according to the various availability, if you have particular needs for day and time, we suggest you first contact our center, check the various availability, make an appointment and then complete the order with the purchase on the website. The appointment will be confirmed once the purchase procedure is complete.

4. Group courses
The courses are published on the website www.tantraroma.com under AGENDA, and are organized in pre-established days and times.
All courses are limited and include a minimum number of participants to be activated.
You can purchase a course by paying an advance fee to block the reservation, and then pay the balance directly in the center on the day of the start of the course, otherwise you can proceed with the purchase of the course by paying the full amount in advance.
If the minimum number of participants for the activation of the course is not reached, the full amount paid will be returned.
The purchased course has no monetary value, can not be converted into cash and can not be combined or combined with other services offered.
The purchase of a course can only be used for the course purchased, you can not take advantage of the purchase for other courses or services.
Once the purchase is made you are registered for the course booked, you can not subsequently cancel or change the booking, the missed arrival at the center on the day of the course, will result in the renunciation of the course purchased, and can not be reused for a subsequent appointment, or returned the amount in cash.

5. Gift Card
The Gift Card can be purchased on the website: www.tantraroma.com, is not nominative, and can be used by one or more people by the deadline.
The Gift Card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Failure to respect the expiry date results in the loss of the opportunity to use the Card.
The Gift Card has no monetary value, can not be converted into money.
The Gift Card can be used to purchase one or more services (massages, courses, workshops, etc.).
In order to purchase a service that exceeds the value of the Gif Card, the difference must be paid.
In case of purchase of a service worth less than the amount of the Gift Card, it is not possible to return the difference in currency.
To reserve a massage or a course you need to contact our association by phone to check the various availabilities and make an appointment.
Once an appointment has been set, if it is not canceled or modified at least 24 hours in advance, you are not entitled to a change, but the entire amount of the purchased service will be deducted.
It is essential to present the Gift Card at the reception to be able to use it.

6. Right of withdrawal
Once the purchase of a service has been made, the execution of the contract is exhausted at the time of booking and, therefore, the right of withdrawal envisaged pursuant to art. 52 of the Consumer Code.

7. Personal data and privacy
Pursuant to art. 13 Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196, the member must read the disclaimer for the use of personal data in respect of privacy.

8. Profession exercised according to the law n. 4/2013