Teresa – 42
Good morning, last week I was in your center and I did a tantra kundalini massage with Alessandro, whom I thank so much for the professionalism and for what he gave me, once I finished the massage I felt my body completely relaxed and energetic. I struggled to control it, after a few days that feeling didn’t go away, in fact I had a lot of energy and above all a desire to make love with my husband that I didn’t have for some time, my question came back to me. Is this feeling and this energetic charge that I felt is normal after a tantra massage, or is mine a special case?

Hello Teresa, we are happy that you found yourself well in our center, and you approached the world of Tantra, what happened to you at the end of the treatment is completely normal, the purpose of the Tantra Kundalini massage is precisely to bring the person that receives it in a complete state of bodily and mental relaxation, once the body is in this state the main Chakras are rebalanced and the primary energy is reactivated, the Kundalini, starting from the 1st chakra, up to the 7th, the feeling of physiological well-being, and the sexual charge is due precisely to the reactivation of Kundalini, this sensation can last even for several days after the treatment, everything is also influenced by the lifestyle one does, of course that daily stress is a unbalanced life, do not help maintain reactivated energy; being able to do more treatments during a month will surely help you to keep that sexual charge active, to experience feelings of well-being that with just one treatment is impossible to perceive, thus also improving your intimate sphere with your husband.
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