Francesca – 35

Hi, I’m Francesca and I’m 35, I was intrigued by tantric massages on some videos found online but I’ve never tried one, and I’d be curious to do it. I have a few questions first, I’m a little shy girl and from what I could see the massages take place in complete nakedness right? if it were so I would feel more at ease if the masseur were too, is it possible? I would also like to try to unblock my shyness with a 4-hand massage with two men. Would I feel more at ease than with a man and a woman? thank you

Good evening Francesca, the Tantra massages are performed in complete nudity, both the person who receives it and the masseur, in order not to create an energetic detachment between the two. In the case of the 4-handed Tantra massage, we always prefer to work in pairs, with a masseur and a masseuse, to balance the sexual energy that is released during the treatment, for this reason we do not carry out this type of massage with two male operators, or two female operators.
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