Yoni is the Sanskrit term for female genitalia. The term indicates a plurality of meanings, starting from the physical meaning of the female nature, to an allegorical indication of the birth, the place of rest, the origin, the home, the fertility.

Yoni massage is a healthy experience that normally conveys a feeling of relaxation, pleasure and safety. Pleasure, for a woman, is not only physical pleasure, confined to the body alone, but a set of hormones, enzymes and nervous stimulations that are reflected immensely on the emotional and intellectual sphere, that is on the personality. Unfortunately not all women give importance to Pleasure considering it only a moment related to sex not knowing that instead it is a perfect regulator of their personality and mood and an exceptional anti-stress.

The Yoni massage course includes a first theoretical part, where all the topics in the program will be dealt with, and a second part where all the acquired techniques will be put into practice. For the practical test special sex toys will be used.

The course is open to all: women and men

Program of the course:

  • Introduction to Yoni massage.
  • Female anatomy: Vulva, Clitoris, Point G.
  • The female sexual response.
  • Orgasm and female ejaculation.
  • Correct position for a Yoni massage.
  • Use of massage oil.
  • Complete sequence of Yoni massage.
  • Practice Test.

Type of course: Theoretical / Practical

Contribution per person: € 70,00

The course will be held in Italian language

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