Carlo – 40
Thanks Alessandro for the very professional answer. With my wife we are thinking of a couple’s massage, do you think it can help us to understand if we are ready for a threesome? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi Carlo, surely a couple’s massage can be a first approach, to understand if within the couple jealousies can arise, or if instead you can create fantasies to open your relationship to another person, I suggest you try a Tantra Kundalini couples massage, which will help you relax your mind and body, and open your heart to a new form of sexuality, and sexual energy; when you have full awareness of your body and your relationship with your partner, then you are able to live a truly fulfilling sexuality, where every fantasy, every game, can only elevate your sexual and sentimental relationship; only then will you understand and appreciate that even introducing a third person into your sexual fantasy will never create any problems between you, but rather strengthen your sexual understanding, as your level of sexual awareness will be much more high of your imagination, and will never be able to reach you and create jealousy or break between you. Always remember, that the two of you are at the center of everything, the stronger your relationship will be and the more fantasies you can discover over time, which will have the sole purpose of improving your life.
Alessandro-Sex Academy